Last time out it was a slightly longer blog than I had anticipated writing, going into the clubs background and history and as a result decided to this one separately. This time I will be introducing you to the team in the world of Football Manager, going through my expectations, the boards expectations, , the clubs facilities and an in depth look at the playing squad.

Off The Pitch

As I had decided not to start unemployed I opted to choose a my training badges and past playing experience based on the club and it came back with Continental B License with a semi professional playing career so I will need some serious work in building my own reputation up as well as the clubs.

I am a realist when it comes to Football Manager, if I am a small or obscure team I don’t expect instant success and this save heads down that route. My plan for the club, ignoring my last sentence for a moment, is immediate success in Division 2 Sodra Svealand. The club were relegated at the end of last season so it is normal for the teams coming down to be amongst the favourites to go up and both myself and the board fully expect this to happen.

Long term I would expect somewhere from 3 to 5 season in Division 1 before mounting a serious push for promotion and then the same again once we eventually reach the Superettan, eventually establishing ourselves in the Allsvenskan in around 10-12 years time. With that in writing, I fully expect to be here for the long haul.

For a club playing at this level, Åtvid boast some pretty decent facilities which should give us somewhat of a slight advantage over other clubs as we begin to work our way up through the divisions and continually improving the facilities will be at the forefront of my mind with any or all excess cash going towards this where the board will allow.

At present the club have both adequate youth and training facilites along with average junior academy coaching and average youth recruitment network but this is a few steps above all the other clubs at our level.

Training is something I want to try an wrap my head around during this save after seeing some of the dramatic changes to @MikaelinhoFM playing squad following one of his latest blog posts. Whilst our training will be nothing in comparison, being a semi professional club training twice a week, it will be something we work towards in the long term.

Stadium wise the club play at the Kopparvallen Stadium which has a capacity of 8000 in real life however in game it is down as 6100 (something that I am assuming will be fixed in future releases). The weird thing about the stadium is that the town itself only has a population of around 7000.

On The Pitch

We have what looks to be a relatively decent squad with several promising younger players coming through the ranks that will help provide some much needed depth and hopefully a bit more competition for places will help elevate performances as players aim to keep their place in the starting 11.


All great sides need a great keeper and in 24 year old sweeper keeper Emir Plakalo we look to have just that. The impressive Bosnian is head and shoulders above the our back up keeper Martin Lucena and our coaching team regard him not only as a leading Division 2 keeper but also as having the potential to become a leading Division 1 player in the future. Shadowing these two players and learning his mixing his game time between both the reserve and youth sides is 18 year old Viktor Astor.

Defemders – Wing Backs

I have a love for playing free flowing attacking football and that attack starts from the back with quick distribution from the keeper to the full backs who often are the key players for me. Whilst the current players attributes may not currently lend itself fully to this, they will be have focused training to help improve their understanding of the Complete Wing Back roles with an attack minded focus until suitable players can be brought in.

On the right hand side is utility player Lucas Ohrn, a bit of a jack of all trades but master of none. He can operate efficiently anywhere in our own half but his strongest role is on the right of hand side defence, with no other players who can play in that role aside from youngster Marcus Karlsson, he will be our main outlet in this position.

On the left hand side the story is much the same and Andreas Johansson will be our primary wing back here, with a great spread of attributes across the board, he looks like he could do a great job for us. His back up is another youngster, 18 year old Daniel Westlund, with decent potential and should be able to hold his own when he is needed.

Defenders – Centre Backs

We have 3 incredibly talented centre backs vying for the two starting spots and it looking at them attribute wise and using the in game player comparison facility I am still on the fence, leaning more with Sierra Leonean internationalist Ishmael Koroma and 25 year old Swede Jesper Beurling (will operate in midfield to start with until we strengthen) with youngster Adrian Pettersson right there alongside them. Pettersson is a wanted man but if we manage to keep him, at 19 years old with the potential to become a leading Superettan centre back. Ideally in the long term I would like the team to be built around him, especially as he has been with the club since he was 14 years old,

Fighting it out for the 2nd Centre Back spot on the substitute bench are 23 year old Ghanaian Ignatius Adukor and 26 year old Swede Anders Eriksson.

Central Midfield

I am looking to play with a Ball Winning midfielder (defend) and a deep lying playmaker (support) in the centre of the park and at the with Jesper Beurling starting in the BWM role and Zev Taublieb starting in the DLP role although this may be tweaked with until I am happy with the balance.

Frenchman Jerome Courtrai , Brazilian Ramiel Dias Farias and 20 year old Swedish pair Felix Winter and William Westerholm provide the depth needed to cover the middle of the park but stronger options are needed, especially to allow Beurling to step back into his more natural centre back role.

Attacking Midfielders

This is our biggest problem area and one that needs addressed before our first competitive match of the season as there is a complete lack of, well, anything to be honest. I prefer to play with Inverted Wingers and a player in the hole between midfield and attack, usually a Trequartista that has freedom to move around as they see fit and potentially cause mayhem deep inside the opposions half.

At the moment though we only have Felipe Reidler De Moraes who can operate proficiently on either flank along with Daniel Rambin who can slot into the Trequartista role, albeit not very comfortably.

Two run of the mill players to fill 3 spots, sorting this will be my first port of call


The stand out player in the Åtvidaberg squad is undoubtedly Dardan Mustafa and if the squad are to perform as expected in the league then their will be a heavy weight placed upon this mans shoulders. The 6″2 target man will likely be the main focus of attack for the promotion hopefuls.

The back up options behind Mustafa are Alem Plakalo, older brother of goalkeeper Emir, will be his immediate back up and youngster Daniel Malmstrom Arnesson who will deputise in a worst case scenario.

This leaves the team I have inherited something like this, room to work with but having only £12 left in the wage budget and absolutely no transfer funds to play with I am going to have to be clever about how we fill in those spots and strengthen the squad at the same time

I’d like to bring this episode to a close and say thanks for reading, feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome. Feel free to give the blog a follow on WordPress and give me a follow on my Twitter account – FMBurt. Also please check out the impressive @FMRasenball who spent some of his spare time creating me these custom kits to use on my Swedish adventure!